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All commands will be completed from whistle, verbal and hand and arm.

Dogs that are to be trained are at the age of 16 months to 2 years. We also offer mature dogs at different prices call or email for pricing. This process is not an over night thing it takes many hours of repetition and patients to refine a field dog. The bulk of the training is performed from the age of 12-16 months. Basic training starts from birth. All dogs are exposed to children and other animals.



Lie down



Retrieve to heel and hand


 Retrieve from heel

 Double retrieve from heel


 Retrieve from land and water

 Scent trained

Silver and Charcoal Labrador puppies are $1000.00

Chocolate, Black, and Yellow Labrador puppies are$600.00

Fully field and obedience trained Labradors are $3000.00

Fully trained dogs are able to do the following on command:

Seller shipping is $400.00 includes all immunizations, crate, and vet

check. Dogs cannot be shipped until 9 weeks of age.

Buyer shipping must include an additional $100.00 for shots and vet visit.

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